Welcome to Diangos Designs.

My name is Tudor and I'm a photographer, designer and a web and front-end developer and I'm really passionate about the work I do.


Over the years, since I began working I have had quite a lot of clients. I am proud to say that everyone that I worked for was satisfied and some have even become regular clients of mine.

Some clients have come to me seeking a new web design for their website while others commisioned me to photograph people or events.

I can even work for YOU if you want. Just let me know, contact me.

I want YOU as my client!


There are many types of design and chances are I have tried most types that involve graphics: from logo design to UI design. I have also dabbled in UX design.

How did it all start, you ask? Well, when I was in the 9th grade customizing windows was all the rage. Everybody was doing it, everybody was talking about it. I did too. I used icon packs, skins and many other things like that but I never actually found icon packs that matched the skins I loved.

I saw the solution to this problem in a tutorial I stumbled upon that taught how to make your own icons in Corel Draw. I loved it. I started working on my icon pack but gave up half-way through because in the mean time I had found the icons I was looking for. I did, however, continue practicing Corel Draw and soon became really good at it.

I started working for a small company doing graphic design and that’s how I got started


It started out as a hobby at the beginning of my high-school years. I took up my father’s camera, a Minolta Dimage 3MP compact camera he had received from work, and started snapping away. I tried to photograph anything that I thought was shot-worthy. As you can expect most shots wound up as being failures but that was hardly a deterent.

I went on to shoot with my father’s film SLR, an old Practika, whenever I could afford developing the film, something that my high-school allowance didn't really (forgive the pun) allow.

Borrowed some digital compacts from my friends here-and-there and shot with them when I didn’t have the money.

Finally, in 2006, I entered university and, since my grades were high-enough, the government provided the money I would have otherwise needed to pay for my spot. That freed up my savings and I managed to buy a Nikon D90 which I’ve been using ever since.